‘VIZ-X’ Interactive 3D Intelligent Design Tool

VR/AR Support

Product Details

The ZyenaLABS ‘VIZ-X’ Interactive 3D Intelligent Design Tool is designed exclusively for very Engineering & Manufacturer Industry.


VIX-Z is custom designed to help manufacturers differentiate and drive higher margins addressing various challenges in Product Marketing and Project Lifecycle & Management.


For Marketing & Sales: -VIZ-X helps to communicate your unique product or capabilities values through a variety of real-world scenarios that solve a customers’ business challenge. By incorporating consistent marketing messages inside immersive storytelling experiences, together with digital models, video, collateral, and presentations, we help clients engage prospects earlier, shorten sales cycles and increase win rates.


For Project Lifecycle & Management: – VIZ-X is custom designed with 5D integrated design approach which brings value to customers by providing design accuracy, the ability to look pre-emptively forward and create a scenario plan.

Avionics Systems Presentation for Genesys Aerossystems

VIZ-X Highlights

  • Intuitive User Interface Design.
  • Ability to interact with photorealistic virtual models.
  • Support on leading and emerging devices (iPad/Windows)

  • 3D Configuration Technology – for accurate quotes and streamlined order engineering.
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis.
  • Integrated 5D Model.

Key Benefits

  • Customized development to reduce costs and for more focused usage.
  • ProgramLXCoverscomplete application maintenance & support at no any extra cost**

** A onetime purchase program which covers 360-degree complete support and new services for next 5 years. Write to us for more details at program.lx@zyenalabs.com

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