Product Details

A simple Cost-Effective, Customizable MRO Tracking and Management Tool.


MRO-X is a unified Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Tracking and Management tool that allows creation and scheduling of maintenance tasks enhanced by modules for Logging Journeys, Inventory and Human Resource Management, Purchase and Sales Tracking, Warranty, Statistical Report Generation and more.


With MRO-X, our customers can successfully track and manage line maintenance through a centralized server, performing reliability analysis, and generating relevant reports to ensure that their fleet and finances are in the best conditions possible.

Key Benefits of the Application

  • Unified: One data source for all your MRO information.
  • Cross Platform: Accessible from a variety of devices including PCs and handhelds.
  • Real-time: Receive synchronized updates from all devices as they happen.

  • Easy to use: Simple, powerful and innovative UI designed to boost productivity.
  • Custom Built to suit your needs: Solutions designed to compliment your current pipeline, instead of complicating it.

Targeted Customer Base

  • Budget Carriers.
  • New Airline Start-Ups.
  • Small/Medium MRO Providers.
  • Rotor Wing Services.

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