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Product Details

Cabin-X is a customized tool that provides comprehensive cabin exploration and feasibility studies support for Aircraft Seating and Component Suppliers, Aircraft Manufacturers and Airlines.


The tool uses a high-end real-time visualization and interactive content technology to transform engineering data into powerful visual 3D Design, Marketing and Sales applications that address all aspects of the Cabin Design Experience, from initial customer interaction and design validation and verification, through to marketing campaigns.


Cabin-X also provides outstanding support and experience for Airlines in aircraft acquisition, cabin restoration, infotainment details, and real-time configuration of LOPA/Seats to understand details like pitch, pax and revenue.


The application is categorized into three different main applications as shown below; Each application is custom designed as per the customer and requirements.

  • Seating Configurator (Seat-X)– Exclusive Marketing & Sales Interactive Application for Aircraft Seating Manufacturers with advanced functionalities. (LOPA Layout, Seat Pitch Info etc.)
  • Product Configurator (VIZ-X) – For Cabin Products (Galley, Stowages etc.) and IFE Manufacturers.
  • Cabin-X – For Aviation, Refurbishment and Aircraft Manufacturers.

General Highlights

  • An Intuitive user interface, which is extremely easy to use and requires no training.
  • Enables real-time selection and virtual visualization in 3D environment of interior options (cabin, monument shapes, internal material finish schemes)
  • Enables to modify LOPA monuments per zone as per the catalog.
  • Enables to capture customer requests/comments during a meeting.

  • Enables create basic LOPA using automatic seat installation inputs, such as Pitch (or range) and/or; number of PAX.
  • Aircraft Models will be deployed based on request.
  • Preset regulation rules from FAA, EASA, CAAC, TCCA.
  • Reporting and emailing options.

Key Benefits & Platform Support

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality.
  • Comes with Free iPad Devices (2 Nos)
  • Compatible with all Windows/iPad and Web platforms.

  • Customized development enables greater quality, focused usage and reduced cost.
  • Caters to unlimited users*
  • Has long term advantage for further upgrades at reduced cost.

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